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The Bar People have been an established business for over a year now and with the right connections in the industry, has grown quickly into an overall event management company. We now offer services such as Bar Hire, Staff Hire and Sound & Lighting, whilst having partners in the industry who offer Marquees, Catering and just about any other service you may need to have a successful event!


Our staff are fully trained and friendly, with most of them having experience working in bars and pubs together. This really helps us to create a team with an incredible and well established chemistry, whilst keeping a professional working environment as our main aim of practice.


For more information, please see our website: – – 07557402200

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"Thank you very much for coming to our event at such short notice. We will defiantly be having you back at our next event as your hospitality and food were impeccable."

Kind Regards Rea

"Was a pleasure working with you all over the weekend, hope that you are happy with how things went from your side! Thank you to those that already emailed today – it was the nicest Monday mailbox I have ever had!"

Best Wishes Caroline

"Thank you! Was great having you on site yesterday, both for your great food and great banter. Looking forward to seeing (and eating) with you again soon."

Best Wishes Alex

"We had  our review meeting a few days ago & I was asked to email you to thank you for coming and say how much people appreciated both your food and your friendly, positive attitude.."

Kind Regards Michael

"I just wanted to get in touch and say a big thank you for all your help at our events. It was great having you involved and you really helped contribute to the success of the events - so thank you! to everyone for coming along."

Best Wishes Meghan


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